Halloween…SCARY Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making…


…and not just at Halloween time but all year round! OK, I confess that the primary reason for this post is to give me an excuse to use my special Halloween CopyDoodles like this one… But I have to say it is FRIGHTENING how much money you might be missing out on through SCARY marketing […]

Hey YOU! – Copywriting Tips To Grab Attention

Another guest post from friend and copywriting ace Pete Godfrey. This one is talking about one of the most important elements in your marketing… …and that’s getting the attention of your audience in the first place. Couple of notes about the article… 1) Pete talks about “The Collier Principle”. He explains it a little more […]

Info Products For Marketers Made Easy – Part 1

In a previous post… “Info Products For Marketers Made Easy – Introduction” …we looked at how marketers can use Info Products in a number of different ways (including lead generation and as bonuses). In this post we look at the first way marketers can speed up the process of creating unique and high quality Info […]

Info Products For Marketers Made Easy – Introduction


Even if you’re not in the “Information Marketing” business… …if you are serious about success as a direct response marketer you need your own high quality “Info Products”. You need them for… 1) Lead generation 2) Building credibility and TRUST  and establishing your authority as an expert in your field 3) Premiums (or bonuses) to […]