Dude! You Changed The Site!

Yes, I have given the site a makeover…

…and changed the theme to the “WordPress Dream Theme”.

Like many online marketers I have…

1) Settled on WordPress as the preferred platform as a Content Management System for websites

2) Looked at, tried out and purchased many different premium themes.

Ironically I bought the “WordPress Dream Theme” a while back and have used it as the platform for a number of sites that I’ve set up for clients.

However, I didn’t get around to using it on this site until now.

The theme is very flexible and easy to use and is packed with useful features.

But the thing I like most is the support and training provided.

There are hours and hours of video training…

…spelling out everything you need to know in great detail…

…and backed up with a great forum for questions.

You can get up and running in couple of hours, but it’s worth spending the time on the training to master both WordPress and the Dream Theme itself.

The Dream Theme is available through GYFDMember.com

…and yes that’s an affiliate link.

Which reminds me…

…couple of housekeeping matters.

1) There are a whole new set of “legal” pages covering Terms Of Use, Privacy and FTC requirements.

2) You should assume that any advertisements on this site will result in yours truly receiving some sort of remuneration.

3) In blog posts, if I mention a product or service that I would receive a commission for if you were to purchase, then I will make that clear.

Feel free to leave a comment about the new look of the site…

…what you like and what you don’t.

There will be a more changes as I play around with the layout and the features of the WordPress Dream Theme, but the basic layout is in place.