Would Ogilvy Or Bird Have Written This Financial Ad…

…from HSBC in Australia? Financial copywriting and advertising is a specialised niche. The fundamental principles apply, of course… …but the context means that there are nuances that need to be considered and taken into account. Many years ago, Ogilvy and Mather ran a classic series of ads for their own services. One of them was […]

Loving Your Customers…Not Just On Valentine’s Day


OK, today (February 14) is Valentine’s Day… …and that gives me the perfect excuse to post up some “Copy Doodles”… …like this one to the left… …and a few others throughout the post. On a more serious point… …are you giving your customers enough lovin’ and TLC? One of the biggest sins in marketing is […]

More Thoughts On Marketing Via Groupon

I’ve discussed using Groupon as a marketing channel in previous posts… “Marketing And The Holy Groupon” “When ‘Success’ Might Put You Out Of Business” “Before Running A Groupon Promotion, Read This…” However, as it seems that running a Groupon (or other “daily deal”) promotion is the latest “hot” trend in marketing… …I feel obliged to […]

Looking Ahead – Marketing Calendar March 2012

Featured v2 Calendar Mar 2012 iStock_000019042898XSmall

Time to look forward to the coming month (March 2012)… …and review the events, anniversaries and holidays that we can take advantage of to build a marketing campaign, product launch or promotion around. Let’s start with strictly Australian events… …and there are a few this month. Mar 1- First day of autumn (already!) Mar 3 […]

What Copywriters Can Learn From Charles Dickens

Featured Charles Dickens

…and one of these lessons for copywriters is not what you might expect. Today, February 7, is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens… …widely regarded as one of the greats in English literature. Author of classic novels such as Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol and Great Expectations… …Dickens remains hugely popular to […]