Productivity, Time Management And Success For Copywriters…

…although pretty much anyone will find these tips helpful. 3 posts on the theme of “Productivity” from copywriters who know what they’re talking about… First up, Michel Fortin… “Get More Done Faster With These 6 Tips” KEY IDEA: The power of deadlines. Next, Dean Rieck… “7 easy time management tips for copywriters” KEY IDEA: Daily […]

Social Media Marketing With The Rolling Stones

Here’s a mini case study of social media marketing in action that I think contains a number of marketing lessons. It starts with me logging in to my personal Facebook account to check up on a couple of social activities I’m involved with. And on my wall I notice this… “The Rolling Stones – Here […]

Lot Of People Seem To Be Lovin’ McDonald’s

McDonald’s recently announced their financial results for 2012… “The company, which has enjoyed a stellar few years following the economic crisis, said that its turnover had increased by 12pc to $27bn, with net income increasing 11pc to $5.5bn. This is the ninth consecutive year that sales have increased after it suffered from a crisis of […]

Not Every Award Is Helpful In Your Advertising

The discipline of marketing and advertising is hardly new. The classic text on direct response marketing, “Scientific Advertising” was published as long ago as 1923. So it is something of a puzzle as to why large companies, who spend large sums on their marketing, often make what appear to be elementary blunders. A recent case […]