Brand Stretching…Is It Ever Smart?


Great cartoon on one of the greatest perils facing marketers… Why is brand stretching and the related tactic of line extension so dangerous? Well, basically it comes down to positioning. A brand can only occupy ONE space in the mind of the consumer. McDonalds means “hamburgers”… …it can’t mean “pizza” as well (although, of course, […]

Better Website Conversion Tips – Part 12

Better Conversion Tip #12 – Use Takeaway Selling To Increase The Urgency When you limit the supply of a product or service in some way (i.e. takeaway selling), basic economics dictates that the demand will rise. In other words, people will generally respond better to an offer if they believe the offer is about to […]

Marketing And Movie Trailers – The Debt

This trailer for the new thriller “The Debt” caught my eye…   I’m a big fan of Daniel Silva’s “Gabriel Allon” novels, so the Israeli angle grabbed my attention… …along with an absolutely top-notch cast. Let’s go through our trailer effectiveness review… A – Attention “We should never forget how young they were”.