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***UPDATE: This Offer Is Now Closed*** …for 3 fortunate readers of this blog. I’ve mentioned many times before my admiration for copywriter Pete Godfrey and I’m a long-time subscriber to his monthly newsletter… …”The Emotional Ad Writing & Marketing Letter”. Pete has decided to let his subscribers give away 2 back issues of the newsletters […]

More Holiday Promotions Ideas For Marketers

Troy White Santa

As a follow up to the regular “Looking Ahead – Marketing Calendar” feature, here’s a special guest post from Troy White from “The Total Package”. Some great marketing tips that can be applied for other seasonal events, not just Christmas. Over to Troy and his “Holiday Promotions Ideas You Can Take To The Bank”… *****

Looking Ahead – Marketing Calendar November 2010


Time to look ahead to November at events that can be used to base a marketing promotion or campaign around. Before that, the big event looming on the marketing calendar is, of course, Christmas and New Year.  Well worth getting organised if you haven’t already done so. The big retailers have had Christmas merchandise on […]

Is Direct Response Meerkating Dangerous?

I recently enthused about the “Compare the Meerkat” campaign for the UK insurance site “Comparethe market.com” (in the post “Emotional Direct Response Meerkating?!?”). But are there dangers in an off-beat, somewhat zany campaign like this?  I’ll consider this in a moment, but first another of the brilliant ads in the series… Wonderful! But are there […]