One Of The Biggest Copywriting Blunders…


Wonderful cartoon from the great Tom Fishburne… …neatly sums up one of the most common (and most damaging) mistakes made by amateur and rookie copywriters. Come to think of it, a lot of people who should know better get caught up in this. Always remember, it’s NOT about you and your product or service. It’s […]

Emotional Direct Response Meerkating?!?

The great Drayton Bird, direct response marketing and copywriting maven par excellence, recently held a free webinar for his subscribers. The topic was the “10 Best Ads Of The Last 10 Years”.  The ads were selected primarily on the basis of how effective they were and the results they produced. One of the ads (campaign, […]

Interbrand Report – Best Global Brands 2010

Interbrand have just released their annual review where they assign a “Brand Value” to the world’s leading brand names. Here’s the Top 10 for 2010… 1. (1) Coca Cola 2. (2) IBM 3. (3) Microsoft 4. (7) Google 5. (4) GE (General Electric) 6. (6) McDonalds 7. (9) Intel 8. (5) Nokia 9. (10) Disney […]

Viral Marketing With Frank Kern

Internet marketer (and also outstanding copywriter, although that is less well known) Frank Kern is a somewhat controversial figure. He attracts widespread praise… …but also some pretty vicious criticism and brickbats. Over the years I’ve spent a fair bit of money with Frank and one thing’s for sure… …it’s always well worth studying what he […]