Aldi’s Reclusive Billionaire Founder Dies

Theo Albrecht, co-founder of the Aldi discount supermarket chain passed away last Saturday… “Aldi’s reclusive founder dies, age 88”. I’ve mentioned before my admiration for the Aldi business model and their marketing, if not always for their products. What I find particularly interesting about the Aldi story is… 1) How Theo and his brother Karl […]

Why You Might Want To Think About Your Brand Archetype

Brand Archetypes

A Direct Response Copywriter talking about “Brand Archetypes”? Surely not! Bear with me for a moment as you cast your eye over this great cartoon from Tom Fishburne… One of the principles of classic direct response marketing and copywriting is to inject some personality into marketing messages.  Classic copy is written as a personal message […]

Looking Ahead – Marketing Calendar August 2010

As winter draws to a close here in Australia, not too much on the calendar. There’s a bank holiday in NSW and Show Day up in Queensland. September 1 is the “official” start to spring, so you could do some of the preparation work and “pre-launch” ahead of a seasonal promotion. It’s summer in the […]

“Strange But True” – 11 July 2010

I’ve mentioned before how top copywriters like John Carlton and David Garfinkel recommend regularly studying popular publications like “National Enquirer” and “Cosmopolitan” to glean ideas for headlines, stories, trivia and tidbits of potentially useful information to weave into copy. And I’ve occasionally posted examples of “Strange But True” stories that have caught my eye and […]