Copywriting Blogs Roundup – 26 June 2010

Not too  much to bring to your attention this week (maybe I’ve been too busy working to spend much time on the blogs!)… Lots of good material over at Drayton Bird’s blog, much of which I’ve already posted. One other thing.  At Clayton Makepeace’s “Total Package” every week there’s a “Swipe Of The Week”.  This […]

Video – Copywriting And Marketing Tips From Drayton Bird #1

The great Drayton Bird has just released the first in a series of short videos containing some concise tips on copywriting and marketing. The first covers a fix for a VERY common copywriting mistake… Reminder of why the classic Gary Halbert standby opener of… “If you want [major benefit of your product or service] then […]

Who Is Copywriter Dean Rieck?

As a direct response copywriter and marketer, I like to read something every day about the business. Problem is that there’s only a handful of blogs that publish regularly and also material that’s worthwhile. One of them is “Pro Copy Tips” by Dean Rieck.  I stumbled across this when Dean very kindly included me in […]

Copywriting Blogs Roundup – 19 June 2010

This week’s crop of copywriting and marketing blog posts worth your attention… From Drayton Bird, some fascinating research on the effect of offering discounts “Bribery works in mysterious ways”. Ryan Healy, guest blogging over at Michel Fortin’s explains “Why People Are Addicted To Info Products” (makes me feel slightly better about buying yet another copywriting […]