Marketing Today – Twitter Part 2

Marketing Conversations And Twitter

Continuing with my investigation of Twitter and how it might be of use in marketing, there’s an excellent post by top copywriter and marketer Michel Fortin titled “Tweet Fearlessly, Block Ruthlessly”. Don’t be put off by the title.  Although it’s quite a long post it contains some valuable insights into what Twitter is all about. […]

Price And The Current Marketing Mix

Price Cuts And Marketing

Pricing is always an important factor in the marketing mix but it seems to me that it’s easier to assess correctly when times are good. In more challenging times, such as now, it becomes more difficult to gauge what’s appropriate. Of course, testing will ultimately tell you what’s “correct” in terms of your marketing objective […]

Talking About Positioning Blunders…


…couldn’t believe this item I came across today… “Swiss Icon Branching Out” “The 125 year-old maker of the Swiss Army knife is branching out into… …cutlery, watches, shirts and perfume.” Cutlery, maybe. Watches, at a pinch (I actually have a “Swiss Army” watch that I bought some years ago…perhaps that was a one-off at the […]