Another Benefit Of Having A Marketing Calendar

Just received the February edition of Pete Godfrey’s “Emotional Ad Writing & Marketing Letter”. In the “Marketing Savvy Department” Pete makes this observation… “To build a solid relationship with your customers you need to stay in contact on a regular basis.” Now, of course, you need a reason to contact your clients, otherwise…

“Scientific Advertising In The 21st Century” – Part 21 “Good Business”

With chapter 21, titled “Good Business”, we’ve come to the end of “Scientific Advertising” by copywriting and marketing pioneer Claude Hopkins. As you might expect, this chapter is something of a recap and restatement of Hopkins’ prime idea. That is…

Copywriting Notes – Makepeace And Kent Komae Part 2

Here’s the second part of the interview between copywriters Clayton Makepeace and Kent Komae. In the first part, one of the stand out points was the emphasis Kent places on research. In the second part, there are more great tips and advice for copywriters including… …how to really inject emotional power into copy and… …Kent’s […]

Looking Ahead – Marketing Calendar March 2009

Time for this month’s look ahead to noteworthy events in March that could provide focus for a marketing promotion or campaign. March is a relatively thin month… …but St Patrick’s Day (March 17) provides a potential opportunity. Slightly more off beat, the Spring Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere) or Autumn Equinox (Southern Hemisphere) is on […]