“Scientific Advertising In The 21st Century” – Part 10 “Things Too Costly”

Chapter 10 of copywriting classic “Scientific Advertising” is titled “Things Too Costly”. By this, the great Claude Hopkins means… “Many things are possible in advertising which are too costly to attempt. That is another reason why every project and method should be weighed and determined by a known scale of cost and result.” Put another […]

When It’s OK To Brag…

…maybe! Let’s face it, nobody likes a braggart.  Which is why one of the guidelines for effective copywriting is to focus on your prospective customer rather than indulge in chest-thumping about how great you or your company are. However, there is a lot of poor copy out there and you often see ads loudly proclaiming […]

“Scientific Advertising In The 21st Century” – Part 9 “Art In Advertising”

In this next part of this series “Scientific Advertising In The 21st Century”, legendary copywriter Claude Hopkins turns his attention to the use of art in advertising. Not surprisingly, his key criterion is whether or not including a picture will help the sale and improve results.  Hopkins observed… “Pictures in advertising are very expensive.  Not […]

Copywriting Notes – Olympic Lessons

Coming towards the end of the 2008 Olympics, couple of observations about success occur to me. Now, I will confess that I’m not a great sports fan and I haven’t been watching the games much. I’m also somewhat dubious about the idea of using athletes and sportsmen and women as role models in other fields […]

Master Copywriter John Carlton On Closing The Sale

Fascinating discussion of the psychological dynamics involved in closing a sale in this video from master copywriter John Carlton. Copywriting has been defined as “Salesmanship In Print” (or, alternatively, “Multiplied Salesmanship”).  To me, one of John Carlton’s great strengths is his very clear eyed focus on what the purpose of your copy is.  That is, […]