Someone Didn’t Get The “Reason Why Copywriting” Memo

Here’s a couple more current ads from Australian financial institutions that provide illustrations of bad and not-so-bad copywriting. Let me say, I don’t pick on financial institutions out of spite or some sort of grudge. It’s just that they seem to be so prominent and, often, so poor. As I’ve observed previously, they seem to […]

“The Dark Knight”, The Social Mood And Copywriting

The new Batman movie, “The Dark Knight” is a massive hit and looks like it could challenge “Titanic” as the biggest grossing movie of all time. I went to see it yesterday and loved it. Best film I’ve seen all year. To paraphrase one reviewer “It’s visually stunning and works both as a conventional all-action […]

Copywriting Video – More About The “Nitty Gritty”

Here’s another video from the “Copywriting Checklist” series from John Carlton.  Gee, the last one I posted was a month ago! This is a follow up to that previous video.  It’s titled “Nitty-Gritty: Discussion”.  In it John hammers home the point that it’s benefits, not features, that need to be emphasised in copy. I’d go […]

Copywriting Notes – Dealing With Procrastination

Copywriters obviously aren’t the only people who struggle with the demon of procrastination.  But, as I said in a previous post about dealing with “resistance” it’s something that anyone involved in a creative endeavour seems to struggle with. Procrastination comes in various forms.  One is the idea that you don’t know enough just yet to […]

Quick “Public Service” Announcement For Copywriters…

Ace copywriter John Carlton is about to withdraw all of his current copywriting programs from the market ahead of launching new versions (“Say Bye-Bye To The ‘Bag Of Tricks’”). It’s likely that the new versions will be significantly higher in price.  Can’t say I’m surprised.  The current prices are absurdly low. I have pretty much […]