Copywriters – So What’s On Your Customer’s Mind?

Just back from Pete Godfrey’s “Master Class 2.0″ in Brisbane this weekend.   Great stuff and I’ll be sharing a few tips with you over the coming days.In the meantime, here’s a great little illustration of legendary copywriter Robert Collier’s principle of “Entering the conversation already going on in your prospect’s mind”.   On my […]

Classic Copywriting – The Power Of A Good Headline

I often talk about headlines on this blog and noticed this little gem of an ad on the net the other day… “Struggling To Play Guitar?  Amazing New Method Makes Traditional Tutoring Obsolete” Then there are some bullets and of course a “Click Here” call to action. Nothing terribly original about this ad, but my […]

Happy Easter!…Plus Some Marketing Observations

Tomorrow is Good Friday and marks the start of the Easter long weekend holiday.  A happy and peaceful Easter to everyone. Easter is one of the big holidays of the year and brings forth a wave of promotions and holiday-themed events second only to Christmas.  The most obvious signs of that are Easter Eggs and […]

Today’s “Terrible Headline Award”

As a copywriter and profits strategist, I am constantly observing advertising and marketing out there in the “real world”. I particularly keep an eye out for good headlines.  Why?  Well, as marketer you will be aware that the whole sales process starts by getting someone’s attention and the headline is one of the most important […]

Marketing With Coupons Or Vouchers – New Twist On An Old Marketing Tactic

Came across the following item in the UK’s “Daily Telegraph – “Threshers relaunches viral voucher promotion”.   Threshers is a UK “Off Licence” (a retailer selling alcohol) and has launched a 40% off coupon, following up a previous successful marketing campaign. The article goes on to talk about the various other companies that have conducted similar campaigns.  […]