Two Ways For Copywriters To Profit From The “Maven Matrix Manifesto”

In the previous post I discussed the new special report “The Maven Matrix Manifesto” from Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham. I’ve now finished going through the report and, as with pretty much everything from Rich and Jay, it’s well worth reading. As I suggested in the earlier post, in many ways the report is simply […]

Marketers And Copywriters – Grab The “Maven Matrix Manifesto”!

Quick post to alert you to a new and very worthwhile special report relevant to marketers and copywriters from Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham. It’s called the “Maven Matrix Manifesto” and, in a nutshell, it’s about how to position yourself as the authority or the “Go-To Guy” (or “Gal”, of course!) in your market.  Haven’t read […]

Marketing Lessons From Subway And “Jared”

Noticed this item today in the online “Advertising Age”… “Subway keeps trying to get off its diet of Jared, but it just can’t quit him. Like him or hate him (love surely isn’t an option), the seemingly ubiquitous sandwich-chain spokesman who lost 245 pounds on a diet of heroes is now notching his 10th year […]

Movies, Stories And Copywriting – Lessons From “There Will Be Blood”

I’ve mentioned previously that I love movies and recently went to see the new movie “There Will Be Blood”.  Now, for copywriters and marketers movies and stories can contain many useful lessons. Why?  Well because, used properly, stories can be employed in copywriting or your general marketing material to great effect.  Basically, stories enable you to […]

Copywriters – Beware The “Fake” Benefit

As a copywriter, I’m always keeping an eye out for examples of both good and bad advertising.  I particularly look at headlines. Came across this example recently.  It was a short classified style ad on Facebook. The headline was “Low Testosterone?”.  The body copy went on “New supplement increases sex drive, boosts energy levels and […]