Why Having A Great Product Is Not Enough

One of the most dangerous fantasies that many business owners have is that because they have a “Great” product (let’s leave aside the question of deciding what a “Great” product is) then they can’t help but be successful. I recently came across a pointed reminder of why this is not the case.  In a previous […]

Marketing Lessons From Starbucks #2

OK, I promise that this blog isn’t going to end up being simply about Starbucks!  However, something happened this morning that I think provides a useful tip and marketing lesson. When I got to Starbucks this morning (absolutely craving a Toffee Nut Flat White) I was met with disaster.  The big espresso machine was out […]

Marketing Lessons From Starbucks #1

OK, I admit it, I’m a Starbucks junkie!  There’s a Starbucks near where I live. My morning walk takes me past it and I almost always grab a coffee (Venti Flat White, for those who are interested). Anyway, even on my morning walk my little brain is working away looking out for marketing lessons.  Recently I […]

Great Resource For Copywriters – “Phrases That Keep Attention”

I know I said this next post would be about “Marketing Lessons From Starbucks”, but I’ve just come across a resource that will be very valuable for you, particularly if you’re a copywriter. Rich Schefren is a guy well worth listening to when it comes to business and marketing.  I first came across Rich back […]

Welcome To “Maximum Results Copywriting”!

Well “Howdy” and a warm welcome to my blog here at “Maximum Results Copywriting”.  My name is Kevin Francis and I’m a freelance, full-time copywriter and cash flow strategist. So, what’s this blog about, why should you bother reading it and why should you pay any attention to what I have to say? Good questions!  […]