Dude! You Changed The Site!

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Yes, I have given the site a makeover… …and changed the theme to the “WordPress Dream Theme”. Like many online marketers I have… 1) Settled on WordPress as the preferred platform as a Content Management System for websites 2) Looked at, tried out and purchased many different premium themes. Ironically I bought the “WordPress Dream […]

When “Success” Might Put You Out Of Business…


Here’s a cautionary tale about the potential problems using a service like Groupon… …and how having too many customers can be a BIG, business-threatening problem… “Groupon demand almost finishes cupcake maker” In brief… “Rachel Brown, who runs the Need a Cake bakery in Reading, Berkshire, launched an offer via the money-saving website in the spring […]

Drayton Bird Speaks – Why Most Copy Sucks…

…and what to do about it if you’re a copywriter or a serious marketer. Here’s an article from the great Drayton Bird that originally appeared over at Clayton Makepeace’s “The Total Package”. Titled “What Some Famous Copywriters Taught Me”… …with this subhead… “Few copywriters study enough. And many who commission copy study even less. So […]

Attention Copywriters! The “Crazy 8” Video Sales Letter Formula

Copywriters…UPDATE (19 November 2011): The “Crazy 8” webinar took place yesterday (17 November US time, 18 November here in Australia)… …and BOY did the team over-deliver!  Now if you missed out, it’s not too late… …because the webinar was recorded.  You can still “register” here… www.keepkenstrong.com …and you’ll get not only some amazing bonuses but […]

Yet More Holiday Promotions Ideas For Marketers


“Theme marketing is one of the most powerful things you can do” Dan Kennedy – Millionaire Maker And Direct Response Marketing Maven One of the most popular posts on this blog is… “More Holiday Promotions Ideas For Marketers” I actually published this back in October 2010 but the tips and strategies will still produce great […]