Put Some Power Into Your Copywriting

Outstanding post from Lawrence Bernstein over at the Info Marketing Blog titled… “The Power Concept In Copy”. Some fascinating background to one of the most effective ads ever written… …along with some info on a couple of marketing geniuses… …and of course the intriguing “Power” concept. The post includes a swipe of the famous ad. […]

Social Media: To Outsource Or Not? That Is The Question…


…with apologies to W. Shakespeare and kudos to the great Tom Fishburne for this cartoon… Tom’s full article is at “outsourcing social media“. So to outsource or not? Well, one thing as a business owner or manager you should NEVER outsource is…

Looking Ahead – Marketing Calendar April 2011


Here’s our monthly feature looking ahead to April… …at events and anniversaries that marketers can use to base promotions around. April 1 is, of course, the prankster’s delight “April Fool’s Day”.  Use carefully, this can backfire on you! Then Easter is the big event of the month.  it’s late this year and falls on April […]